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What Mental Health Needs is More Sunlight.....

Last night I was lucky enough to be part of an exceptional running session, one of the most positive and inspiring that I have ever attended. And it was nothing to do with the running. As a Mental Health Champion with England Athletics our club regularly hosts #RunAndTalk events, inviting our club members but also the wider public, and so far these have always been well attended. Last night was no exception, with over 30 people braving the hideous weather conditions to come a

"It wasn't like that in my day......"

I can hear my grandparents and parents saying these words and swore I would never say them when I had children of my own, and yet recently I have found myself uttering this statement, much to the disgust and eye-rolling of my own children. The prompt for my old-aged outburst has been the discovery of the extent of pressure and stress that young people now experience, especially around exam time. We really do live in different times and I don’t have a shred of envy towards you

Is running really good for mental health - or is it all talk?

Ok so I may be a bit biased. It’s the only sport I’ve ever really been good at, I was brought up in a family where running was as much part of life as brushing your teeth, and I’ve seen the benefits first hand for myself and those around me. The physical benefits are obvious - it can help with weight loss, will improve cardio fitness, increase stamina and encourage muscle tone. But why is it so good for our mental wellbeing? The facts are now clear - exercise helps to improve


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